The project brings innovative approaches to the solutions for the challenges, which prospective teachers may encounter from various perspectives. These are indicated as follows:

We will focus on the children’s emotions and difficulties, experienced in basic mathematical tasks and specify the steps of

learning and teaching processes in detail to facilitate undergraduate students to support these children during Maths classes. This project is innovative in terms of focusing on releasing mathematics anxiety and improving basic maths skills.

EASY LEARNING PROCESSES – SOLUTIONS. This project will provide all children with easier and fun learning processes because they will be prepared to release MA, include scenarios from easy to difficult and have responsive functioning. In terms of integrating children with MA into the classroom activities by fun teaching materials, this project is innovative.


RICH CONTENT & EASY TO DIGEST. The project will provide them with a video library in their native languages and English. The modular curriculum and the video library contents were planned to be used in the training courses. This project will enable undergraduate students to reach step-by-step teaching activities in their native languages. The project brings innovation and gives interested third parties an opportunity to use the project outcomes online and inspire them to develop new software programs and robotics to improve these children’s maths skills.

INTEGRATING ROBOTICS INTO FLIPPED LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS The flipped learning model reinforced with robotics will be introduced to the prospective teachers during the training courses and undergraduate students will learn how to integrate robotics into flipped learning environments.

EMPHASIZED ON HANDS-ON TRAINING & FLIPPED LEARNING. We conducted that undergraduate students needed hands-on training. The project will train them about how to use their knowledge in real situations through hands-on training activities.